Posted: April 2, 2009 in Draft Dodging, Poetry

easier if it were a job
a real job with applications
a pencil process and review board
sharpeners for questions
wearing a severe blazer and
birkenstocks blue eyeshadow
peering down glasses suited
for ave marias and not memos of
understanding but interviews aren’t work

and i’d say “and now i will take a look
at your résumè your curriculum vitae”
except i wouldn’t say it
i would sing it
because the rhyme is too delicious
to put down to work
in this town
can’t eat just one
too much fun to rhyme like this

eyes then trace the words and phrases
composing the corpus delecti of your life
punctuated by raised eyebrows and
approving noises
“ah” i say “i see you have a dimple on
one cheek and not the other” as if
it were a preoccupation
“tell me about that and do you know
i see it now”

the page distracts with abstracts
everyone looks good on paper
those on plastic luckier still
but i check references
without external resources no phones
hold my calls no reach to brush the
blemish of the past off the page
to start over no bravery to
study history linearly so i cut the line

“so tell me about you”
but i have no offer
there is no real opening here
just wide eyes and pierced ears
but if i can work it out
for you
from what’s here and
what’s beyond reach
we’ll keep in touch


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