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a tuneless song

Posted: August 1, 2010 in Music, Poetry

i tell you friends it’s no small thing
to have a heart that wants to sing
to have a mind written in prose
hear a hymn and want to compose

a song is what i want to be
i want to live a litany
safety call with honest response
without a troubling variance

love is not my undertaking
it’s not for god or his forsaking
it’s not a plea or cry or woo
it’s just a part of what i do

why can’t there be a song for me
‘cause if you sing you’d be off-key
‘cause if you dance you’d trip headlong
‘cause if you write your words are wrong

a song a song i want to shout
i want to scream the damned thing out
a song a song i want to weep
i want to whisper it in my sleep

what if you somehow lose your voice
i have to sing i have no choice
what if you someday lose your nerve
then i will sing what i deserve

i will drum my syncopation
i will play live for the nation
i will sing the world to war
with a rhythm worth fighting for