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off the presses

Posted: March 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

Extra, extra!
read all about it:
This person is capable
of all and nothing,
inclusively and

This person is a person
who never went to
contortionist school;

so stop trying to
put this person into
a cardboard box.

Mistakes are common
and your mileage may vary
with classifying this person
as any single thing.
Gray is the color
of this person’s world.

Brown is the skin
of this person’s soul
because soul is everywhere

and it is everything.


a good woman

Posted: March 7, 2010 in Uncategorized
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oh it’s great to be a good woman
it’s so great
you speak polysyllabically
you know what an iamb is
because you walk on them
speak up using them

oh it’s great to be a good woman
it’s so great
you can walk on streets without fear
no one reads your mind
the pages are complicated
verbose and busty

oh it’s great to be a good woman
it’s so great
no one ever takes advantage of you
no one ever fucks you over
because that would require
you getting fucked

all the not-so-great women
know a great woman when they see one
and they shake their heads
and they keep moving
being great may be infectious
spinster chic is contagious

because there is nothing more frightening
than when a nigga claims to love your mind
when you know he’s working
with barely half of one
you know something’s not right
something’s not good enough

and you cry
while fearing your goodness
and feeling more like a tome
a treatise
a canon
than a woman