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I come from the cracked hands of men who used
           the smoldering ends of blunts to blow shotguns,

men who arranged their lives around the mystery
           of the moon breaking a street corner in half.

I come from “Swann Road” written in a child’s
           slanted block letters across a playground fence,

the orange globe with black stripes in Bishop’s left
           hand, untethered and rolling to the sideline,

a crowd openmouthed, waiting to see the end
           of the sweetest crossover in a Virginia state pen.

I come from Friday night’s humid and musty air,
           Junk Yard Band cranking in a stolen Bonneville,

a tilted bottle of Wild Irish Rose against my lips
           and King Hedley’s secret written in the lines of my palm.

I come from beneath a cloud of white smoke, a lit pipe
           and the way glass heats rocks into a piece of heaven,

from the weight of nothing in my palm,
           a bullet in an unfired snub-nosed revolver.

And every day the small muscles in my finger threaten to pull
           a trigger, slight and curved like my woman’s eyelashes.


Family Business

Posted: May 17, 2010 in Short Stories

I’m pretty bad with writing ongoing fiction; but I like this concept. I want to stick with it.

survivor’s nursery rhyme

Posted: May 16, 2010 in Poetry

trigger warning

there’s a place

Posted: May 16, 2010 in Poetry

there’s a place
in my heart and i know
that it is love
because you live in it

your head’s imprints
lodged in the pillows say
you slept in there
last night and for a while

the television there
is programmed to all of
your favorite shows
and you record old movies

you play music
that alters my heartbeat
you dance and
my blood moves through me

i try to keep
all of my arteries clear
i give you time
and a way to leave

please stay there
i made a place for you
keep it clean
and forever occupy me