Posted: April 27, 2010 in Poetry

No, I don’t remember you.

I don’t remember the time
we were stuck in the rain
on the side of the highway
in the middle of the night
without a flare, besieged
by dead batteries, and we
sang old love songs and
slept until daybreak.

I don’t remember our
morning breath wars when
we’d breathe deep throaty
sighs in each other’s faces
to get those childlike horror
gasps out of each other
before rushing the shower
and stumbling over breakfast.

I don’t remember the time
I made a fake crop-top out
of my t-shirt and did bad
80s pop star impressions
while you choked laughing
and cradled a camera phone,
screaming that my body
needed to talk louder.

I don’t remember our
white flag rule, when we’d say
I’m sorry or I love you after
a huge fight by resting a
white something on the other’s
pillow. A white rose. A
white engraved pen. Nothing
over $100: just a feeling.

I don’t remember any of these
things. In my mind, there is
a minus sign next to all of
my forgotten times, a negative
you plus me creating negative
infinite memories with no white
feelings, no remembrances. I
try to cancel all of you out.

I don’t remember you all the time.

  1. pieceofpie says:

    oh yeah… overflowing done with love… this is truly a beautiful tale/tail of expression … glad i stopped by happy day 26… nightflight no 5

  2. Jason Riedy says:

    Very strong, and very right. Great!

  3. Tender. Beautiful. And the last line caused me to wonder?

  4. Wow! Lovely delivery. I know this sentiment too well. And your close is perfection. Well done!

  5. That last line, I love.

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