a half-hearted curse

Posted: April 25, 2010 in Poetry

i want you to wake up,
sweating, frantic, naked,
clawing at your sheets,
soaked through with sweat
and the taste of salt on your
lips and fingers, i want you to
tear your bed apart, and then
to stand on your feet, bobbing
and sliding as if fighting a

i want you to run from your bedroom
as if you were chased by the hell
you invented, with a cur spurning
your calves and your hooves, smelling
the sex and the rum from your pores,
and i want you to run out of your shelter,
crying and cursing, stench falling into the

i want you to babble about us, about
what you never knew us to be, about
what we will never become, about
what you cannot be now that we are
not, about what you can never experience,
about how what we could have been
has failed because you lost the me in

get swept in that, get carried away,
get thrown in shackles at some man’s
feet, get discarded into dungeons, get
crushed by small insect legs, get splashed
with shit and your semen, get disgorged
with the venom of your despair and then


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