broken home

Posted: April 22, 2010 in Poetry

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that
a mother, a father, two point five
kids, and a dog are called “a
nuclear family.”

when you place
that concept into people’s heads,
every death, every layoff, every

every runaway, every
coming out, every affair, every
bankruptcy, every robbery, every

every shooting, every
war, every skipped meal, every
foreclosure, every disaster, every

starts to split those idyllic
branches into infinitesimal splinters
until the atoms fuse to muted salted

until nothing quite as tight
and trite will grow again.

napowrimo #21: perfectly flawed

“In ancient times, Persian rug makers were deeply religious and believed that only God could make something perfect. They would deliberately drop in a small faulty stitch, a flaw, into each Persian rug. In doing so, a ‘Persian Flaw’ revealed the rug maker’s devotion to God.” — Karel Weijand

Like many of us, I often struggle with the gremlin of perfectionism. The above quote reminds me that achieving perfection is not my prime directive in life, and that in fact, striving for perfection can be a form of hubris.

Write a poem about flaws and perfection in yourself or in nature or write about how you feel about being imperfect or perfect.

Here are some things you may want to reflect on as you write: Do flaws add beauty to the world? What does it feel like to experience perfection? What is it like to encounter flaws — in our selves, in others, in systems or in objects? As imperfect beings, are we able to adequately judge perfection?

If you’d like, you can try contrasting these both concepts in one poem or just choose the one that you feel most drawn to. There is potential for both perfection and flaws in everything on earth, so there’s no limit to to subject you use to frame your poems.

  1. Linda Jacobs says:

    Wow, your second-to-last stanza is awesome!

  2. a.i. says:


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