for you

Posted: April 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

you know who you are.
i mean, not that this poem
is for you. but you know
who you are. and i think
that’s what i saw in you
when you first smiled at me.

do you know how rare
that is?

all pretty teeth and ego,
and i moved like a fruit fly
to the coconut snake oil
you were selling. ’cause
sure as you were born
you thought you knew me.

and i know you’re deadass wrong
about me.

i may not know everything,
but i know that black girls like
me only hunt for affirmation
that this skin and body
and these lips and bones
ain’t refundable.

they’re biodegradable and
socially degraded.

i know your oeuvre.
you want someone with
faraway eyes, or someone
on her jack&jill grind, or
a tiny-waisted sister souljah
turned claire huxtable.

i’m just a poor black girl in
some degrees.

too much schoolin, too
much expectin, too much
shufflin, too much borrowin,
too much touchin, and too much
worryin made me who i am.
i can add up my parts.

but i can’t for the life of me
figure out yours.


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