what it is

Posted: April 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

sitting on a stage
hand resting on your thigh
spinning phrases from clouds
trying to get em high
hype ripe and ready to jump
reminiscing about the speakers bumping
through streets dressed up to no good
a graveltop fantasy
pretending you wrote a life in the day
of benjamin andre
cuz your momma could’ve named you that way
coulda made you a champion
instead of just benjamin like yo daddy
if names were anthems and odysseys
for cheap nappy-headed boy dreams
you’d be set if fate weren’t fake
so you make eyes with the thick girl
in the second row and you drop bait
on how panties at your touch drop
at alarming rates
does she see you
abracadabra love is you
you’ll do and do her
at least till morning
without warning she’ll realize you
just write rhymes and your time’s up
and you another lean boy
looking for a label and tricking fables
like playplace toys

napowrimo #1: shuffle a poem

  • Put your iPod or iTunes (or other mp3 player) on shuffle. (If you don’t have a music player that shuffles, you can choose CD or album titles at random from your collection by writing several titles down on little slips of paper … works the same way.)
  • Write down the first five titles that come up. No cheating allowed!
  • Use all five titles to draft a new poem. They have to be used intact — you can interrupt them with punctuation, but you may not remove or change words.
  • Shuffle away — the more eclectic your music collection, the better!

    Song titles:

    “Love Is You” Chrisette Michele
    “Abracadabra” Jay Electronica
    “Champion” Kanye West
    “Get Em High” Kanye West feat. Talib Kweli & Common
    “A Life in the Day of Benjamin Andre” OutKast

    1. This is great… nice one.

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