eurydice sings

Posted: February 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

now listen you damned fool
you need to stop following me
you need to stop telling people about me
you and that damned lying lyre
talking about how much you love me
& how you’ll follow me to the ends of the earth
i went to hell to get away from you
& now you’re playing the same simple shit
to follow me down here

i’m sick of you and that lying lyre
i tried to tell you it was over
i tried to tell you love is work
i felt too weak to keep working while you
plucked out lies on your lyre about me
so i picked up my soul & i left
i went to the farthest deepest part of hell i could find
& i healed deeply because i was alone

now you sit there charming everyone to tears
i would jump naked in a lake of fire
i would hide face first in hades’ oily armpit
i would sleep on rusty diamonds for all time
if i stopped hearing you singing & playing after me
if your eyes stopped stalking me everywhere i went
if you would’ve stop calling out to me in the wind
while i tried to do what i had to do

now hades told me to trust him & i’m crying
looking at you with that damned lyre
pulled by a lyric out of the only peace i’ve known
because you love me you love me oh you you
he told me not to worry & he believes me
he knows i want to be here & away from you
he knows your strength’s weakness
you don’t have the balls to resist looking at me

especially when you ogled yelled hollered sang
screamed chanted wooed stared followed
grabbed squeezed stalked harassed groped
pushed pulled shrieked flirted & cajoled me
most of your whole laughable lyrical life &
you moved heaven and earth but never me
i moved myself out of earth and now you’re pulling
when i am away from you

for once i am screaming at you to look back
look at me now you asshole!
look at me now and look at my pain!
look at me now as you take me from love!
look at me now as you take me from home!
look at me now and know this:
i will always hate the way you look at me!
i will always hate the way you love me!

& as you leave i see you barely hear
lyrics beyond you & your lying lyre


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