debauchery box

Posted: July 13, 2009 in Poetry
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a man looked for his definition in a corporate directory
and he saw a picture of adolf eichmann
and wondered what it meant

so he went to his boss and he said
i think there is a problem
i think everyday
i think you should help me fix this

and his boss went to the supervisor
and his supervisor pressed the red button
and the c.e.o. called the man to his office the next day

and they sat over steamed milk and espresso
the c.e.o. told him he had three weeks’ paid vacation
he put a sombrero on the man’s head because
he needed time to himself

so the man went on a company retreat one week
and he walked around in the glass penalty box
where his happiest hour is mixed with spirits and juices

and his nature walk doesn’t involve talking to birds
his paths have been chosen for him
and if he chose not to explore nature on the carefully prepared
pebble walks through streams designed to keep you dry

he could approach the people on the corners
for quick fixes and lays
mergers and acquisitions

as long as he stayed in the glass penalty box
for thinking once and thinking everyday
well the man tried his best
but he was still thinking until one day

he wandered away from too many sharp corners
sunk his feet into too many deep puddles
and got embarrassingly lost in thought

nearly drowned in thought at one point
he wanted to die in thought and not sensation
his suits were too expensive for a funeral
so the corporation had to activate his GPS

because he was on the margins of the box
where they had no welcome reception
and they tried again to drown him in sensation

they sent electric currents to the man
but he only felt stimulated
they sent dogs with sharp teeth and drooling tongues
but the man learned they gave sloppy kisses

and they rolled around in their underwear
and chased sticks
and licked rocks

the corporation got angry because it could only react
not wonder like the man
so they finally sent a lady dressed in ivy
with poison in her thoughts

and she sat next to the man and licked his tongue
and asked him what it meant
and he penetrated her thoughts before she sank him

back into sensation and feeling
and he realized what it meant and felt afraid
because a week was a long time to feel lost
a week was a long time to think and get wet

a week was a day for more work and more money
so he returned to work two weeks’ early
and he got back into it

and more people died but the numbers aren’t in yet
they may still be trapped in tomorrow’s returns


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