Posted: April 9, 2009 in Draft Dodging

There are times I wish I tied my name to my online work. I wish I didn’t feel so far removed from my community. I feel as though a lifelong track through school has changed me for the worse instead of for the better. Now I’m graduating from school on May 11th, planning to start a job with lots of tedium and very demanding clients. I’m thousands of dollars in debt, swimming in my own indiscreet spending to keep up with my colleagues or to improve my immediate condition. i avoided reality through gold cards.

All this week some very raw feelings and thoughts have taken hold of my consciousness. If I really don’t want to be distracted by other things and I want to focus on my work and duties, I have to put in the extra work to clear the distractions. No matter how hard it looks, no matter how long it takes.

i want to be the kind of sexy that says
i’m actually naked
these threads and seams are just


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