some sick part of me

Posted: April 9, 2009 in Poetry

[some sick part of me
tells herself she has needs
healthy needs and leanings
a healthy willingness to do
great things with great people]

acknowledgment is a birthright
stolen from me and from
people like me when it comes
to love and happiness in dark
dank crowded spaces

the sand works its way
into small crevices of me
but i love
and the dew slicks and dries
my brown skin but i love

the sun crisps and browns
where it can shine and i love
the moon beams and buoys
through the blinds and i love
somehow the earth finds me

happiness is a leather-dried
drum skin beaten by slender
fingers and steady palms
happy is the player who
plays prayerfully best

happy straps my shoes onto
flat feet happy keeps my hat
balanced and tipped happy
hugs my thighs enough to care
happy breathes on my neck

if love and happiness follow
each breath and beating heart
each movement and pause
then seamless souls should thank
our corporal bodies for once


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