Posted: April 7, 2009 in Poetry

to lay my head goes beyond
eggs & wickerbaskets
hell & handbaskets
everywhere i try to lie down
lets gravity take hold & yank

cant relax no relaxer
cant sit down no stool softener
cant dance on a seesaw wobble
blinded by cinders ash wednesday
hems as dusters midnight volleys

gotta keep moving forward slope
the weight travels from head to toe
if leaning forward trends negative
the counters changers crash down
with no more to turn over

cant trade in the tits
not forever warranted &
cant get by on my ass
when liability is limited
unsteady dancers to the left

tipping tripping spinning around
until ankle exits stage left
hips move house right
heads off in dead center
everything moves but im still

breathe heel down move
step head up move
breathe heel up move
step head down bent
caught cracks shift twist out pop

shit im down im down
hands and knees im down
full grown ass woman marching
expecting high rises &
brought to a crawl & down


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