a fantasy

Posted: December 12, 2008 in Poetry
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you need to stop being afraid to die
he said it while lying over me
my legs spread and warm
stomach tightening and losing breath
the moment you don’t care about dying
you let go and all your emotions spread out
like blood on a canvas
like fire on a silk curtain
like heat on a bed of clouds
i bit my lip and kept moving
and he whispered in my ear
you need to just die
let yourself die
your religion carries you to death
as something to care for
but sometimes a little death means nothing
sometimes you have to feel yourself
descend from your heights
to your depths
and then rise to fall again
let go and don’t worry about time
don’t worry about love
don’t worry about anything
stop caring and let yourself sink into an explosion of
light and nothing
let yourself die
and i died and opened my eyes
he was gone.


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