the tiniest pieces

Posted: December 7, 2008 in Draft Dodging, Poetry
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At this moment, if I looked in the mirror
and I’d see glass shards and jagged edges
where my brown eyes used to be. I’ve
become too intimate with my teacup, and
I ask the swirls of honey to deliver my
stories, credit my sources, and carry
me to a hive of serenity. It’s another late night,
different from the others because I’m upright
and I’m not crying into my false hopes for a
tolerable tomorrow, not even better, not really.
I only want to do something beautiful, and no
matter where I turn, I see beauty is a full-
time job, an impossible standard, and I puzzle
over fearfully and wonderfully breathing life
into a new world order, a genesis of revelation
for a gaggle of glassy-eyed brown nympho
reclusive legal divas like me. I wonder if I’m
the one who will make my beauty known, and
how many laws I must break to live my truth.

The truth is hardest to pick up; it breaks into
the tiniest pieces of biting light…


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