intermixing lit-tra-ture

Posted: December 4, 2008 in Draft Dodging, Poetry
Tags: ,

i’d rather get poetry in my prose
then prose in my poetry
because being prosaic is formulaic
and you can’t play as hard
as you can with poetry
love flowers from my poet-tree
that’s how you know me
my poet-tree blooms

and sometimes when i write prose
i talk to poetry and i say
“yo, purify that shit” and
a missy elliott-like cry shoots out:
and i take my honest hatchet
to a poet-tree and branch it into
my formulaic prosegri-la
build a cabin of words and
double meaning (multifunctional)

and then i rub out my thicket
of poet-tree and solitude
before the reader knows
the equation’s unbalanced


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