escape from broken soul pass

Posted: December 2, 2008 in Draft Dodging, Poetry
Tags: , , ,

i needed a place to write
an ungraded unbroken screed
not condensed and referenced
not footnoted and endnoted
where i wouldn’t have to worry
about bluebooks and alwds and
no letters telling me how to write
no one telling me how to give credit
no one diluting my voice and a place
where people would take my voice
my words
my life as proof
that what i’m saying matters
that my scars are my references
that those scars serve as cite checks
and site checks of where i’ve traveled
a travelogue of pain and love
and fear and joy
and where i don’t care to go without
immediate reciprocity of identity
without someone looking at me
and saying without the help of
a theory or a prescription
“woman, i know you”


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