medusa's legacy

Posted: September 25, 2008 in Poetry
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you know perseus did her wrong
you know perseus used her
until he found andromeda
& in her heart she knew it
she could feel it from the tips of her hair
to the soles of her feet
& she was pissed about it
& she had reason to be

& athena was a hater
because she knew medusa thought
she find true love one day
until poseidon swung through
& pierced her with his ole trident
right in the parthenon
& instead of taking it & smiling hard
like athena wanted she got pissed

medusa knew her worth
& she was a feminine mistake
everyone would hate her as wrong
she kept ambrosia between her thighs
because medusa knew what men wanted
medusa knew what they expected
& she put it out so gametight
the hardest men couldnt look at her

she had a muse’s curves on her
she likely wore a fro or locks
she didn’t put collagen in her lips/
snake venom in her frownlines
eyes glowed brown with her skin
full breasted big assed hips rockin
she held her head high above all
she chased not one golden apple

she didnt run to her kids
when women talked shit about her
she didn’t call after men
too mirrorstruck to want her
she wasnt into that animal thing
zeus could follow her with the
new york zoo glass menagerie
& she still wouldnt come with him

the goddesses were fraidy haters
of Dus & her badassed sisters
cuz she got to them first & told
“we aint gotta go with these games
we can do our own thing & like it
we can shake our locks out anytime
we can be us & love us for being
that is what bad bitches do”

so the three of them would chill out
& guys would come over boner first
& try to get wit it all demanding
& medusa would fix her eyes on him
& demand he wipe his dustyass feet
& say he needed to fix his loincloth
his phallus was showing & teensy
& she freeze up all his weak game

greek men hated medusa
not because she was ugly/mean
not because she got her sisters
not because she aint have goodhurr
not because she knew how to drop
they hated her because she knew
other fish in the sea & those fish
were bigger & better than theirs

she bathed in her own mud rivers
dug her own deep snaky channels
rocked her homemade boat &
rode her salty waves to her shores
& greek men hated medusa
they could not map her out well
their trinkets got cold looks
couldnt get in her head thattaway

perseus tried & she wanted it
perseus trinketed
perseus boner swang it
perseus liplicked & stunted
& she still kept her head
aint trust that nigga to lose it
perseus had to slice her head
clean off to bring her down low


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